Pfizer brand update

November 5, 2009

I’ve had the pleasure of designing web content for Pfizer in the past, as well as working on (completely unrelated) interactive brand development for Siegel+Gale, so this grabbed my attention.


Any brand update is interesting, but especially so when it’s an organisation dominant in its field. The update has been relatively low-key, which is a obviously a sensitive response to the current economic climate. My immediate impression is that three fundemental components have changed:

The roundel has be angled or ‘italicised’
The typeface has been modified
The solid blue has been gradated

The changes are subtle, but immediately apparent which is usually very much the desired effect. There’s a greater sense of modernity, speed, dynamism and…action, implicit in this update. But there’s also a more ‘humanistic’ feel that’s most noticeable with the ‘e’. Smoothing out the serifs, the new type design is also more adaptable, versatile and better suited for onscreen/multimedia display. The logo update is part of a wider brand development program that builds on these qualities. Overall this is a really great example of how a corporate leviathan can subtly update it’s brand image to move with the times, reflect change and look to the future.

More at the Brand New blog:


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