Intrigued by Flash Catalyst

November 22, 2009

Despite many years designing and producing interactive programs, presentations and eLearning programs, I’ve always felt (from a development standpoint) that Director and Flash could be better. The problem is that both these programs have evolved over many years to encompass a variety of tasks, aims and applications. The end result is that like PhotoShop, they’ve become many thinks to many people, but aren’t necessarily optimised for their hardcore, original application or streamlined purpose.

So I’m intrigued by Adobe Catalyst. My initial suspicion is that it lacks the power and sophistication of a heavyweight authoring platform like Director (Adobe are upfront about this) but may be useful for preliminary models and interactive wireframes. As Adobe seem to be purposefully diminishing Director’s USP in favour of all things Flash, it could also be considered part of Adobe’s Flash ubiquity strategy, which is probably a good thing. Better to have a suite of cohesive, intergrated tools than one all-powerful behemouth. I don’t usually play with Betas but will make an exception here and take a test drive, and report my findings in a follow up.


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