Dieter Rams – Less and more

December 8, 2009

Many years ago, as a design student at the LCP under the tutelage of Angus Hamilton and Dave Dabner, it took some time for me to understand what Angus specifically meant when he would reward my efforts with the stern mantra, “less is more, laddy!” Over the years I’ve learnt that it’s a highly valuable approach that isn’t just restricted to typographic or visual design forms. Indeed, it’s arguably a fundamentally more important ethos where any form of utilitarianism is required or evident.

The architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was the first to use this term broadly in describing his minimalist approach of extreme simplicity. Later, legendary German industrial designer Dieter Rams incorporated this design ethos in the development of landmark product design for household consumer products. Rams’ influence stretches far and wide, with echoes of this design ethos clearly visible for example, in much of Jonathan Ive’s award-winning work at Apple. Dieter Rams: Less and more, at the Design Museum, runs 18 November – 07 March 2010.

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