The speed of life – 2.3 words per second

December 14, 2009

With computer technology fundamentally driving change in our world, there is no shortage of acknowledgement, observation and debate about the socio-economic, political and cultural impact this has on our lives. What’s disappointing however, is how little time is given to the potentially deeper physiological and biological changes that a radically-emergent lifestyle might effect, and how we, as a species might respond to such change.

Baroness Greenfield is a high-profile proponent of the potentially damaging effect that excessive digital lifestyles can have on our brains; in particular the behavioural and psychological changes caused by excessive digital gaming and social networking, at the exclusion of ‘conventional’ activity.

That there might be changes seems reasonable, and the report Data deluge will reboot our brains at The Times caught my eye. The description of our typical daily activity, or sensory input in terms of digital volume is an intriguing one, and the research findings will hopefully prompt a less reactionary, and more mature debate.


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