iPad; cool heads & sore foot prevail

May 27, 2010

It’s Thursday the 27th of May, the day before the iPad is finally released in the UK…the buzz is palpable and I’m sitting here with a stress fracture to the fourth metatarsal of my left foot.

Had I been fighting fit, I may well be planning the best location to pick up my shiny new iPad before starting work. Alas, it is not meant to be. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise? I’ve never been one to stand in queue for anything other than the occasional bus and I’ve just about mastered early-adopter syndrome. That’s the recognisable affliction of buying a product at premium price, only to see it very quickly superseded by a better model at significantly lower cost. Business models are built on this phenomenon – market penetration > progress > growth > economies of scale > market saturation. The iPad will exemplify that model. It’s a conceptually strong but evolutionary young product that will grow and grow.

As beautifully designed and engineered as it is, it’s the consumption of media that I’m really looking forward to, for iPad users will be very well served indeed. From the Times to the Guardian to Marvel comics via Wired – and that’s just “print” media. Expect to see web sites ‘fall into line’ and retool using alternatives to Flash. As I correctly predicted last year, the iPad will be seen retrospectively as the device that ushered in new forms, and more importantly new revenue business models for widespread digital media consumption. Like anyone else I enjoy my free digital media – you only have to glance at the links in this blog to see that. But ultimately it’s too good to be true. My long-term concern is how mass access to the web via tethered appliances and walled gardens will influence and affect the democratising benefit of the web, but’s that’s all pretty academic for now.

Today, my foot has spoken and my head agreed. Wait for the second iteration. It will come quickly, it will be cheaper and it will be better, in time for HTML5 fully-supporting browsers and Flash / H.264 / GIF deployment strategies.


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