Road sign design: Update #2

March 9, 2013

At the risk of appearing to be completely distracted by cars and road signs, yet another pertinent  item on road sign design caught my eye in the Telegraph. This time it’s the wrong font being used in signs and in particular variable speed limit signs. Drivers may have a case to appeal against signs that do not comply with the TSRG (Traffic Signs and General Directions 2002).

Transport Medium, Heavy and Motorway are the prescribed fonts for road sign design. These are beautiful, egalitarian, utilitarian sans serif faces, which take visual cues from Gill Sans; not entirely dissimilar to London Transport’s Johnston in that respect. Interestingly, I note that Henrik Kubel and Margaret Calvert have updated the typeface.

Regarding appeals, I suspect if the greater driving public knew the extent to which road signs were not ‘properly’ deployed, there would be far more appeals and worse driving in general.


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