About Hyperion Interactive

Focused on establishing a reputation for creative excellence, professional diligence and attention to detail among leading design agencies, Chris Walsh established Hyperion Interactive in 1999 to deliver first-class digital design solutions for a broad range of clients and applications. Hyperion Interactive is a professional design consultancy providing brand development and marketing solutions, from corporate identity development to web site production, interactive media design and educational program development.

As creative lead at Hyperion Interactive, Chris has designed and developed products for leading organisations such as Accenture, Boehringer Ingelheim, Argos, The Institute of Cancer Reseach, GlaxoSmithKline, University for the Creative Arts and Ogilvy Healthcare. Hyperion Interactive also works with smaller companies and organisations, as their ethos states: “We are passionate about good design, and our philosophy centres on the belief that excellence in design invokes a positive response from the user, and forms the essence of competitive advantage”.

Hyperion Interactive remains a small company by preference, enabling a close, personal working relationship with clients at all times. Accordingly, many commissions and RFP’s come through associate and personal referral and recommendation. Visit the Hyperion Interactive web site for more information.

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