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Chris Walsh is a highly experienced graphic and interaction designer, focused primarily on interaction design, information design and digital brand development.  Working predominantly through his consultancy Hyperion Interactive which was established in 1999, Chris also regularly lectures to under & post graduate students and provides vocational guidance to course leaders in academia.

A brief history
After graduating from the London College of Communication in the Typographic Design, Chris was keen to acquire industry experience and spent the next three years based at two London design studios and a major ad agency. Seeking further broader-based skills, experience  and expertise Chris then moved to freelance status and commenced working with many of London’s top publishing houses, design studios and advertising agencies. Still in the eighties and with desktop publishing an emergent technology, Chris was engaged as designer and typographer both above and below-the-line on a diverse range of corporate identity, brand development, print and publishing design and advertising and marketing,

With a growing interest in environmental design and a rare opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert , Chris spent several years with the Department for Transport. As primary designer for the department he established new digital publishing workflows, technical publishing strategies and went on to create many of the contemporary road signs and symbols seen on Britain’s roads today.

With the rapid emergence of the internet and new technology, Chris undertook a Master’s Degree in Design for Interactive Media at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts at Cat Hill, graduating for the first dot-com boom. Chris was immediately appointed in a succession of fixed-term, senior positions as Director of design, Design manager, online brand developer and design consultant, assisting imminent IPOs, start-ups and multinational media conglomerates.

Chris now holds the position of Design Director and Consultant at Hyperion Interactive, a small design consultancy providing cross-media brand and corporate identity solutions for a diverse client base.

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