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Who said Apple can’t innovate?

June 20, 2013


Among the many highlights of Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (which incidentally sold out in 17 seconds) one particular moment stood out. No, it wasn’t iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks. Or even the beautifully designed Tron-esque Mac Pro. It was Phil Schiller’s comment on the unveiling of this seductive and much anticipated new workstation – …”Can’t innovate anymore my ass!”

Among all the usual plaudits, what a brilliant moment of unabashed alacrity from Phil – Apple’s head of worldwide marketing.

Sometimes short (and blunt) really is sweet.


iPad; cool heads & sore foot prevail

May 27, 2010

It’s Thursday the 27th of May, the day before the iPad is finally released in the UK…the buzz is palpable and I’m sitting here with a stress fracture to the fourth metatarsal of my left foot. Read the rest of this entry ?


Come for Blu-Ray, please stay for Flash

April 15, 2010

“Come for the Blu-ray, stay for the Flash”. That’s the sassy slogan prominently displayed on the launch panel of Adobe’s Encore CS4 DVD professional authoring application, viewable every time it’s launched. Within a few years Blu-ray will likely be consigned to history as the last mass-market physical file format. More imminently, Flash will face serious challenges to its current web-based hegemony as emerging handheld devices (primarily the iPad) and open source-supporting tech (HTML5) drive new rich-media design models. For the time being however, Adobe, as the only company supporting this design workflow has a point and understandably wants everyone to know it. Read the rest of this entry ?


IPad: Content will be king

January 24, 2010

With only a few days left before Apple’s unveiling of their new tablet computer, and media speculation rampant, I thought I’d Read the rest of this entry ?


Apple iTunes LP & Extras guidelines published

November 30, 2009

Apple have finally published comprehensive resources and guidelines for their interactive platforms LP and Extras, which add content interaction and design for audio and video respectively.

Addendum: This initiative should finally make it possible to deliver visually rich promos and presentation such as this Pink Floyd promo (authored in Flash).


Death of the e-Reader, birth of the E-eBook

November 24, 2009

I enjoy reading and I adore technology, but I find it difficult to take to the e-Reader. The problem with e-Readers is that they’re too small a paradigm shift; too small a leap in technology. They’ve been around for about ten years in one form or another, but don’t look like gaining mainstream Read the rest of this entry ?