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Google AdSense occasionally nonsense

June 1, 2010

There can be no doubt that the web has enabled and enriched our lives tremendously. Access to data and information that just a few years ago would have taken hours to acquire is now often just several clicks away. Rarely has access to such a wealth of data, services and information been so simple, or free. Sometimes it merely appears to be free, with the cost demanded subtly in the form of targeted advertising. Read the rest of this entry ?


iPad; cool heads & sore foot prevail

May 27, 2010

It’s Thursday the 27th of May, the day before the iPad is finally released in the UK…the buzz is palpable and I’m sitting here with a stress fracture to the fourth metatarsal of my left foot. Read the rest of this entry ?


Decode – Digital Design Frustration

May 27, 2010

In the accompanying free book to this exhibition, Golan Levin, the digital artist responsible for Opto-Isolator II (the huge big eyeball that follows viewers around the room) says, “It’s a terrific honour to have my work included in venerable institutions like the V&A” Read the rest of this entry ?


Come for Blu-Ray, please stay for Flash

April 15, 2010

“Come for the Blu-ray, stay for the Flash”. That’s the sassy slogan prominently displayed on the launch panel of Adobe’s Encore CS4 DVD professional authoring application, viewable every time it’s launched. Within a few years Blu-ray will likely be consigned to history as the last mass-market physical file format. More imminently, Flash will face serious challenges to its current web-based hegemony as emerging handheld devices (primarily the iPad) and open source-supporting tech (HTML5) drive new rich-media design models. For the time being however, Adobe, as the only company supporting this design workflow has a point and understandably wants everyone to know it. Read the rest of this entry ?


IPad: Content will be king

January 24, 2010

With only a few days left before Apple’s unveiling of their new tablet computer, and media speculation rampant, I thought I’d Read the rest of this entry ?


Testing mobile app 2.1

December 21, 2009

Previous attempts with 2.1 gave poor results so it looks as though some bugs have been ironed out. UPDATE: Confirmed – this app has gone from buggy drudge to smooth functionality in one update, with remote photo upload working smoothly. Well done to the engineers, a job well done.


The speed of life – 2.3 words per second

December 14, 2009

With computer technology fundamentally driving change in our world, there is no shortage of acknowledgement, observation and debate about the socio-economic, political and cultural impact this has on our lives. What’s disappointing however, is how little time is given to the potentially deeper physiological and biological changes that a radically-emergent lifestyle might effect, and how we, as a species might respond to such change. Read the rest of this entry ?