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Who said Apple can’t innovate?

June 20, 2013


Among the many highlights of Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (which incidentally sold out in 17 seconds) one particular moment stood out. No, it wasn’t iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks. Or even the beautifully designed Tron-esque Mac Pro. It was Phil Schiller’s comment on the unveiling of this seductive and much anticipated new workstation – …”Can’t innovate anymore my ass!”

Among all the usual plaudits, what a brilliant moment of unabashed alacrity from Phil – Apple’s head of worldwide marketing.

Sometimes short (and blunt) really is sweet.


Information is beautiful

October 3, 2012
The secret of a good story - Plotlines by Delayed Gratification

The secret of a good story – Plotlines by Delayed Gratification

There was a time when when the illustrative representation of data was confined to simplistic visual metaphors such as the bar graph and pie chart.

Though relatively simplistic, the power of these visual devices lay in their intrinsic clarity; and thus the inherent truth they conveyed and our ability to believe in it. Then came their corruption. By using visual tricks such as foreshortening, perspective and three dimensional manipulation, it was possible to subtly change the message, with a little emphasis here or a reduction there.

Today, information graphics or info-graphics as it’s more commonly known, is a burgeoning craft. Taken to its zenith, some would call it art form, as this year’s Information is Beautiful awards suggests.

Is it art? Is it truth? Is it useful? It was Mark Twain who popularised the phrase “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics” and that was long before they’d been any where a design process! Notwithstanding, many of these pieces represent a new way of ingesting  and perceiving data. By incorporating multiple principles of design, and not just plain ‘graphics’, into statistical data, it is possible to create something that transcends its original intent.

Naturally there will always be misrepresentation. One of the most universally applied and recognised pieces of info-graphics is Harry Beck’s underground map. Diagrammatic in the extreme, it’s not very useful for pedestrians. However, it’s core function is to assist with the interpretation of complex and often abstract data, quickly and succinctly. As long as you keep this overriding principle in mind, information can indeed be beautiful.


Decode – Digital Design Frustration

May 27, 2010

In the accompanying free book to this exhibition, Golan Levin, the digital artist responsible for Opto-Isolator II (the huge big eyeball that follows viewers around the room) says, “It’s a terrific honour to have my work included in venerable institutions like the V&A” Read the rest of this entry ?


Apple iTunes LP & Extras guidelines published

November 30, 2009

Apple have finally published comprehensive resources and guidelines for their interactive platforms LP and Extras, which add content interaction and design for audio and video respectively.

Addendum: This initiative should finally make it possible to deliver visually rich promos and presentation such as this Pink Floyd promo (authored in Flash).